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Issue: 730   Date: 08/19/2004
Bush & Elaine Chao Don't Care About AsAms

By S. B. Woo

The NOBLEST of all American dreams is the dream of equal opportunity for ALL Americans. Thus far, AsAms have been denied that dream. Ample statistics show that we have been denied equal opportunity in workplaces. We are given less pay for equal work and 1/3 the opportunity of all other Americans to rise to the top.

Kerry and Nader want to include AsAms in that dream. BUSH DOES NOT.

Kerry and Nader have promised IN WRITING to enforce Exec. Order 11246 for AsAms. See . BUSH HAS NOT, after repeated prompting by the leadership of 80-20** and many of you who sent faxes and emails.

Bush is the sitting president. He doesn't have to wait till after the election to open the opportunity for us. He could order Labor Secretary ELAINE CHAO to enforce EO 11246 for us NOW.

ELAINE CHAO doesn't have to wait for Bush to order her. Since 1965, the law has empowered the Labor Secretary to enforce EO 11246 for ALL Americans. What is the use of having an AsAm in the cabinet, if she doesn't have the integrity to enforce an existing law to protect AsAms from being discriminated in the workplace? See FOOTNOTE for evidence of non-enforcement.

After 4 years of quiet and diplomatic effort to get President Bush and Secretary Chao to open opportunity for AsAms & getting no action**, 80-20 must express utter disappointment in President Bush's Administration.

We urge all AsAms to tell their friends and relatives about the irresponsible policy decisions of those two individuals. 80-20 IS NOW CONSIDERING INITIATING A CLASS ACTION AGAINST THE U.S. LABOR DEPARTMENT.

After this public condemnation of the Bush Administration, if it still fails to respond BEFORE Nov. 2, then vote against Bush on that day.

Politics is funny, however. Sometimes, when politicians' mistakes are called to attention openly, they correct themselves. If and when that is the case, 80-20 will RECONSIDER its current position. However, AsAms will be foolish not to take Bush's non-response at its face value. Condemn the Bush Administration's failure to respond to our legitimate concerns, and be psychologically prepared to vote against him in November.

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