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Issue: 806 Date: 02/02/2006

OCA Condemns Anti-Asian Adam Carolla Radio Spoof

OCA Condemns Anti-Asian Adam Carolla Radio Spoof

Washington, DC - OCA, a national Asian Pacifc American social justice organization with over 80 chapters and affiliates, denounced a racist, anti-Asian mockery of the Asian Excellence Awards that was broadcast on the Adam Carolla Show Tuesday, January 24, 2006.

"Adam Carolla aired fictitious, juvenile, racist and unfunny tripe," said Dorothy Wong, OCA-National Executive Director, "This desperate and humorless bid for attention at the expense of an entire minority has noplace on today's airwaves."

The radio segment depicted a portion of the Asian Excellence Awards with the audio for the award presenters and winner saying nothing but "ching-chong" gibberish for 52 seconds.

"It was bad enough that the on-air hosts considered the awards show "a joke," but even worse was the text-book racist gag that went on for nearly a full minute," said Ginny Gong OCA National President "The fact that this was a prepared piece, and not some off-cuff-commentary, shows that there was some time and attempt at thought in the creation of this ignorant segment. We condemn this broadcast and demand a public apology."

Adam Carolla has been publicly rebuked for his anti-Asian racism before, including occasions when he used racial slurs and racist stereotypes on the air.

Calls of complaint to the Adam Carolla Show, CBS Radio and the radio stations that aired the spoof should be directed to:

Joel Hollander, chairman and chief executive officer, CBS Radio, tel: 212-846-3939,
Dana L. McClintock, senior vice president, CBS Communications Group, tel: 212-975-1077,

Other Asian American groups that have denounced the show include the Asian American Justice Center (AAJC), Media Action Network for Asian Americans, AAJC's affiliate, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California, the Asian American Journalists Association and the Korean American Coalition of Los Angeles .

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