Issue: 1006 Date: 12/3/2009

由New Music Circle音樂到Hearding Cats藝術總監
曾祖康(Anna Lum) 、Rich O'Donnell推出
"An Intergalactic Happening" Presented by HEARding Cats Collective

Anna Lum 、Rich O'Donnell夫婦出席「星系之間」發表會
        【時報訊】創立聖路易新音樂圓(New Music Circle),並在2007年訪問中國大陸教學演出之曾祖康(Anna Lum)、Rich O'Donnell在今年(2009)11月1日成立「Hearding Cats」藝術組織,以藝術核心價值闡釋文化發展變化,支持被忽略的傳統藝術為宗旨,11月29日(週日)下午二時「Hearding Cats」在聖路易大學城邀得Tory Z Starbuck樂團及四位舞者聯合推出「星系之間」「An Intergalactic Happening」作品發表會,演出轟動成功,為聖路易藝術界注入一股新力量。

        「星系之間」結合打擊樂、管樂及舞蹈藝術,呈現即興音樂、目標音樂、意外音樂之各種音樂形式之結合,在傳統之外為音樂加入另一種生命力,舞者之藝術演出結合音樂家之音樂演出,詮釋出聲音、音聲在宇宙星雲間之碰撞及火花。這次首演獲得觀眾極大迴響。Hearding Cats Collective網址為

        華裔(Anna Lum)曾祖康六歲移民到美國,是聖路易著名的太極老師及英詩作家,同時積極融入參與社區公益活動和文化藝術組織,將中華文化介紹予美國社區大眾,2002年榮獲聖路易傑出婦女成就獎。她的父親為曾任何應欽將軍秘書,於1945年草擬抗戰勝利國民政府接管南京接受日本投降書歷史文獻之曾景昌先生。 Anna Lum 夫婿Rich O'Donnell曾任聖路易交響樂團首席打擊樂,退休後與Anna一起致力推廣音樂藝術,弘揚打擊樂文化,經常旅行授課及演出。2007年6月Anna及Rich率新音樂圓樂團赴中國大陸上海、成都、重慶等地大專院校訪問一個月,並做五場親善演出。

        "An Intergalactic Happening" Presented by HEARding Cats Collective

        Sunday, Nov. 29, 2010 - 2 pmUniversity City Library6701 Delmar Blvd

        HEARding Cats Collective - St. Louis' newest presenter and producer of daring artistic expression - kicks off its concert season with an afternoon of avant-pop, inspired movement, and just plain weird fun with the tory z starbuck band.

        tory z starbuck has been challenging St. Louis' preconceptions for 30 years, and shows no signs of stopping now. Recently featured in a St. Louis Magazine full-length interview, the polymath will bring a bizarre blend of electronic and ethnic sounds to the stage, and create an evolving soundscape full of unpredictable twists. starbuck routinely provides music for dance ensembles around St. Louis, and will be joined in this performance by a small company of live dancers coordinated bySandy Busken.

        The multi-instrumentalist ensemble uses unconventional, often self-created instruments. Even when they resort to familiar instruments, the group manages to use them in unconventional ways. starbuck is joined by Venus Slick, Dr. Bruce McLaughlin, Tony Engelhardt, and dr. mabuse.

        And check out frequently as events added!

        Hearding Cats is an artists collective devoted to producing artistic events mostly in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. . It was founded on 11/11/2009 by husband and wife team, Rich ODonnell and Anna Lum.

        Rich and Anna had a combined 80 years of experience administering the St. Louis New Music Circle when they established Hearding Cats.

        Their zeitgeist permeates the policies and methods of the Collective. These necessarily evolve in the ceaselessly changing cultural environment. But the core values of the collective are :

        -Respect for the fundamental value of art to all societies.

        -Recognition that art needs innovation and experimentation to remain vital. This means we support for art that is ignored by traditional, commercial, and popular institutions.

        -Support for educational role of the artist.

「星系之間」樂團和舞者融合演出 「星系之間」樂團和舞者融合演出

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