Issue: 1007 Date: 12/10/2009

RCGA Hosting China Business Council Meetings December 15th And 16th

        The RCGA and its regional and statewide economic development partners have been working for more than two years to make St. Louis the Heart of America hub for Chinese trade and cargo, and for the location of Chinese investment and the location of the U.S. headquarters for growing Chinese firms. As part of the next step in this effort, we at the RCGA, in conjunction with all of our partners in the Midwest China Hub Commission, are working to organize and launch 6 industry-specific business councils, for which the RCGA will host and provide staff support.

        Through these councils, RCGA Leadership Circle members who currently (or propose to) do business in China have the opportunity to get directly involved in this effort.

        Each of these 6 councils will hold an organizational meeting on either Tuesday, December 15th or Wednesday, December 16th in the Regional Collaboration Center at the RCGA offices, One Metropolitan Square, Suite 1300.

        The 3 primary objectives of these Councils will be to:

        Identify additional opportunities for back-haul, two-way trade, and increased linkages between China and St. Louis and the Midwest;Better understand and inventory the ongoing relationships that many St. Louis area businesses and individuals already have in and with China, and;Generate continued support for and understanding of this overall Midwest China initiative in St. Louis.

        The bi-state St. Louis region already has a strong foundation of companies that are well-established in China, such as Anheuser-Busch InBev; Peabody Energy; Brown Shoe Co.; Emerson; Monsanto; Pfizer, Sigma-Aldrich, and others. Here are the specific councils:Agribusiness and NutritionFinancial and Professional ServicesManufacturing and International TradeMulti-Modal Logistics ManagementConstruction and Real Estate DevelopmentClean Energy and Sustainable Business Practices

        For specific times and dates of these meetings, and to register, please go to

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