Issue: 1022 Date: 3/25/2010

市長中國行 中國熱再起
China In St. Louis

        【時報訊】聖路易中國空港炒熱中國風,聖路易市市長Francis Slay再次走訪中國,更掀起聖路易各界對中國之興趣。2009年成立之聖路易市市辦之「聖路易語言學校」(St. Louis Language Immersion School)原本祗教授法文和西班牙文,現在也考慮是否要加入中文教學,這是推動中國空港大設想之意外收獲。




        China In St. Louis

        Mayor Francis Slay, Lambert Airport Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, and a delegation of local and state officials are headed back to China last week as members of the Midwest/China Commission continue their efforts to make St. Louis a center of China's Midwest trade. Reflecting a relatively unusual coordination of the region's public and private assets, the idea of a cargo hub - a location near Lambert that would be a headquarters for Chinese companies operating in the central United States and a port for Midwestern companies exporting high-value goods to China through Lambert - has made important progress over the past couple of years.

        Beyond pitching strong markets, good exports (Missouri sent more than $1 billion of goods to China in 1997), central geography, world-class research facilities, well-developed rail/river/road infrastructure, and affordability, the St. Louis delegation can certainly mention some history. The 1904 World's Fair here was China's first major appearance as a modern nation. According to The New York Times, the Chinese dispatched a royal prince and a Yale-educated senior official to establish a major presence in St. Louis. The Chinese Pavilion and Exhibition Hall were generally considered to be among the grandest and most visited of the Fair's many wonders.

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