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Professor Ling Giving Asian Lecture Tour (3 of 3)


        令狐萍教授自2008 年以來,被任命為全美亞裔美國研究學會期刊的主編。作為該期刊的首任女性以及非土生華裔主編,令狐萍教授大刀闊斧,將雜志收稿,審稿,編稿程序全部電子化,極大地提高了該雜志的質量與及時性。亞裔美國研究學刊是全美唯一的專家審稿的亞美研究權威學術雜志,被列為網絡數據庫Project Muse 400 多期刊中的前百分之二十之一。在2009 至2010 年的學術假期期間,依靠杜魯門大學歷史系學生Rachel Hinrichs 的協助,令狐萍教授仍孜孜不倦地收稿,改稿,主編期刊。在2010 年4 月的全美亞裔美國研究協會年會上,令狐萍教授舉行數場有關如何在學術期刊發表論文的演講,傳授經驗,提攜後進。

        令狐萍教授主要著述。相關鏈接:“從美國華人形象的演變看中國的崛起” 令狐萍教授來歷史所作學術報告 令狐萍做客博雅大講堂,別樣視角談中國崛起 令狐萍博雅大講堂巧談中國崛起 [圖文]令狐萍教授來我院講學 美國杜魯門州立大學令狐萍教授華中師大發表演講 清華大學報告廳學術報告 Association for Asian American Studies.


        令狐萍博士為國際著名移民史研究專家,美國亞裔美國研究協會期刊《美國亞裔研究學刊》主編,美國福特基金獎作家。現任美國杜魯門州立大學歷史系教授(前任系主任), 亞洲研究學位委員會創辦人與前主席,教授東亞史與亞裔美國史。並任武漢僑務理論研究中心,國務院僑務辦公室僑務理論研究武漢研究基地兼職教授,暨南大學華人華僑研究院客座教授,廣東省人民政府華僑華人研究會海外顧問,中國作協山西省女作家協會理事等職務。令狐萍教授經常受邀到國際國內研究機構與高等院校做學術報告或演講。曾被美國多家電臺采訪,她的研究亦被國際國內多家報章與電臺報導。《世界日報周刊》2006 年1月15日版曾刊登有關她的人物專訪,她也被收錄入國際國內十多種名人錄。令狐萍教授長期從事華僑華人、美國亞裔與華裔社會、以及美國亞裔與華裔婦女的研究寫作,首創移民“文化社區理論”,出版十多部學術專著與百餘篇史學專論。

        Promote Asian American Studies Program at MUWith her longtime experiences in Asian American studies, Dr. Ling was invited by Dr. Handy Williamson to help with the establishment of Asian Studies Program at MU. She investigated the Asian American studies programs at the Big 12 Campuses in the Midwest as well as the programs in the South, and completed a possibility study and a Proposal for the Establishment of Asian/Asian American Studies Program at MU.

        Journal of Asian American Studies EditorDr. Ling is also managing the Journal of Asian American Studies (JAAS) from a long distance, with the indispensible help from her editorial assistant, Rachel Hinrichs, a sophomore in history. As the first female and foreign-born editor of a prestigious journal since 2008, Professor Ling feels honored to be selected as its editor. During her tenure, Ling was able to change the editorial operation and the manuscript evaluation into a complete electronic process, to convince the JHUP to hire a copy-editor, and to produce the journal promptly. The journal is in a great shape now for its continued success. The official journal of the Association for Asian American Studies, JAAS is a primer peer-reviewed professional journal in the field and is ranked among the top 20 percent of the over 400 professional journals in the Project Muse, an online database. At the 2010 Annual Conference of the Association for Asian American Studies in Austin, Texas, Prof. Ling gave several talks on how to publish in professional journals, helping young scholars negotiate the academic field.

        Huping Ling Bio

        An internationally renowned historian and prolific writer, Huping Ling (鍔緒じ) is Professor of History, the founder of the Asian Studies Program, and the past Convener (Department Chair) at Truman State University. She is the Executive Editor for the Journal of Asian American Studies, an Adjunct Professor, Wuhan Theoretical Research Center of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, China, and a Visiting Professor of the Institute of Overseas Chinese Studies at Jinan University. She also serves as a consultant to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial Government and on the Board of Directors of Women Writers Association in Shanxi Province of the Chinese National Writers Association. A Ford Foundation Prize-winning author and award-winning scholar, she has published more than ten books and over hundred articles on Asian American studies, including immigration and ethnicity, assimilation and adaptation, transnationalism, family and marriage, employment patterns, and community structures. She has been featured in The World Journal (Jan. 15, 2006), the St. Louis Post-Dispatch(Feb. 2, 2005), West End Word (Feb. 4, 2005), St. Louis Chinese American News, St. Louis Chinese Journal, the Overseas Chinese World, River Front Times, among others, and appeared at ※Charles Brennan Show§ KMOX 1120, ※Voice of St. Louis§ (Feb. 4, 2005), KWMU 90.7 (NPR in St. Louis) ※St. Louis on the Air§ (July 5, 2005), among others. She has also been included in many books/encyclopedias on famous Chinese Americans and authors. She is frequently invited to lecture on Asian cultures and Asian American experiences at conferences, universities, public schools, libraries, and community organizations, nationally and internationally.

        Related Links:※The Rise of China as Reflected in the Changing Images of the Chinese Americans§ 鍔緒じ諒忨懂盪妢垀釬悝扲惆豢 鍔緒じ酕諦痔捇湮蔡斻ㄛ梗欴弝褒抶笢弊慒れ 鍔緒じ痔捇湮蔡斻б抶笢弊慒れ [芞恅]鍔緒じ諒忨懂扂埏蔡悝 藝弊債糧藷笣蕾湮悝鍔緒じ諒忨貌笢呇湮楷桶栳蔡 ь貌湮悝惆豢泆悝扲惆豢 Association for Asian American Studies.

令狐萍教授訪問哥倫比亞中國之友協會會長施曉美女士,2010 年1月19日 Ling interviews Ms. Hsiao-Mei Wiedmyer, President of Columbia Friends of China, Jan 19, 2010. 令狐萍教授訪問著名翻譯家與“世界日報”記者阮叔梅女士.2010年2月17日 Ling interviews writer Ms. Shumei Roan, Columbia, MO.Feb.17, 2010.
令狐萍教授受密大副校長Handy Williamson 博士之邀,編撰起草密大密大亞裔學項目的調查研究與項目啟動計,2010年3月16日 Ling presents Asian/Asian American Studies Program Proposal to Dr. Handy Williamson,Vice Provost at MU, March 16, 2010. 令狐萍教授的著作
Major publications by Huping Ling. 令狐萍教授的著作

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