Zhunrize, Inc. - Global Online Shopping Network


What Are Your Dreams?
More income?
More time for family?
Send kids to college?
Be able to retire comfortably?

Imagine Owning an Online Shopping business
– Working part-time or full-time
– No employees
– No inventory
– No income limits
– No territory restrictions
– Be able to build distribution
and leverage other people’s resources:
money, time, and their customers from online sales

The Shopping Revolution

Zhunrize Business Model

  • Store offers over 1 million products today and will grow overtime
  • Completely turnkey; the company handles all business transactions
  • US based store owners also have energy, communications, security, and travel products

  • Zhunrize Inc, founded in 2012, is an Atlanta-US based Global Online Shopping & Internet Marketing Company.

    “Together at Zhunrize we will advance the Global online shopping revolution by bringing new opportunities and wealth creation to families worldwide.” – Jeff Pan, CEO of Zhunrize

    Zhunrize Management Team has decades of combined experience in Corporate Management, IT, Software Development, Product Sourcing, Manufacturing, VC Investment, Franchising, Sales, Marketing, and Team Building.

    Participate in our global business
    • Have a online shopping business that is open 24/7/365
    • Promote your online shopping business to everyone, no matter the geographic location
    • Create income and get paid even when you are sleeping

    Get Paid Multiple Ways
    • Get Paid from shopping at your online saving store.
    • Get Paid from others shopping at your online saving store.
    • Get Paid from selling turnkey online saving stores to others.
    • Get Paid by building a network of worldwide shoppers.

    Get involved in the business

  • Individuals and business entities can register with Zhunrize as an E-commerce Business Owner (EBO), or Independent Customer Representative (ICR).

  • A standardized Turnkey Online Savings Store (OSS) is registered to each EBO's account, via Zhunrize-powered online shopping site. For example: forevermore.zhuncity.com.

  • Majority of the products sold on each EBO's online shopping store at Zhuncity are at Better-Than-Retail prices.

  • Products are marketed and sold on each OSS through both traditional word-of-mouth (referral marketing) and online marketing.

  • tiger.zhuncity.com

    Zhunrize Purchase Prices

    Zhunrize Fantastic Compensation Plans


    Product Sales

    Daily Bonus

    Generation Overrides

    2X5 Forced Matrix

    Monthly Bonus




    10%, 5%, 3% (2)

    5-18 levels (2-5)





    15%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 2%, 2% (3)
    5-18 levels (2-5)





    15%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 3% (4)
    5-18 levels (2-5)



    At least one transaction in your store per month. Share 20% of company daily product sales profit.
    (n) means directly sponsored EBOs

    2 EBOs ->  3代
    3 EBOs ->  6代
    4 EBOs -> 10代
    15% of directly sponsored EBOs.

       2 EBOs ->   5L
       3 EBOs -> 10L
       4 EBOs -> 14L
       5 EBOs -> 18L
    5 EBOs any time OR 3/3/30. Qualified for the first month. Shared 20% of global monthly product sales profit.

    Real Time 2 x 5 Forced Matrix

    (DISCLAIMER: Success as a Zhunrize EBO is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts and product sales.)

    It is an Opportunity for us…

    Do you know anyone who wants to be part of this $300 Billion year industry?

    Would you like to get paid on tens, hundreds, or even thousands people who are purchasing online that you don’t even know?

    Would you also like to get paid a % of the entire company’s worldwide sales on a daily AND monthly basis?


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