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Issue: 684   Date: 10/02/2003

St. Louis Chinese American News - 2003 Missouri Media Award Winner

The Honorable Joe Maxwell, Lt. Governor of the State of Missouri, presented 2003 Missouri Media Award to St. Louis Chinese American News

The Honorable Joe Maxwell, Lt. Governor of the State of Missouri, came to the office of the St. Louis Chinese-American Newspaper in University City on Friday, September 26. He presented this first place award "2003 Missouri Media Award" to Sandy Tsai, Publisher and May Wu, Director of the St. Louis Chinese American News and their staff and supporters.

We quote his statement: 

"I am delighted to present this 2003 Media Appreciation Award to the St. Louis Chinese American Newspaper, on behalf of the Missouri Community Service Commission.

The St. Louis Chinese American is not only a leader in delivering an excellent newspaper to this community, but is a leader in donating their services for the betterment of the St. Louis community.

Sandy Tsai and May Wu - You and your staff provide the community of St. Louis and in particular Chinese Americans living in the area with a first-rate newspaper, and you know the importance of being a leader and contributing member of that community!

I thank you all of you for using your services and resources here at the paper to directly enhance the lives of those in this community!

The St. Louis Chinese American is receiving this award from the Missouri Community Service Commission because of its partnerships with community service organizations.

And as Chairman of the Community Service Commission, it is my pleasure to give this award to St. Louis Chinese American for going above and beyond the call of duty in the media market to share their resources for the greater good of their community.

The newspaper's efforts did not go unnoticed, and were nominated for this award not once, but twice, by the Olive Business Association and University City East.

In their nomination letter, the Olive Business Association described the staff of the newspaper as "the major representatives of the Asian community" because of their very good English and ability to bring Asian merchants into the business scene!

The paper knows the importance of breaking down cultural walls and includes a section of the newspaper in English, as well as assists the Asian community with translation at the election polls.

The paper is a valuable member of the Olive Business Association, and helps to promote business in the area!

They also organized a Make A Difference Day project featuring a colorful, free lunch with prizes for attending senior citizens.

University City East made special recognition in their nomination letter of the fact that St. Louis Chinese American News also publishes the St. Louis Chinese American Yellow Pages, which lists Asian businesses and services in the St. Louis area.

The paper is commended for bridging the cultural, language and socio-economic barriers among the growing Asian population in the Greater St. Louis Community!

Clearly, the staff of the St. Louis Chinese American has demonstrated their admiration and commitment to their community through their impassioned efforts!

Congratulations to the Staff for earning the 2003 Media Award from the Missouri Community Service Commission!" 

After Lt. Governor's Maxwell's presentation, the owners of Mandarin House honored the group with a special reception at their restaurant.

This recognition of the work of the newspaper in the community by the organizations that nominated it shows that the people are aware of its contributions. The owner and staff of the St. Louis Chinese American News extend their warm appreciation for the nominations they submitted, and for the support of the community.

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